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"The Wisdom of Bodhi Dharma Ji: Guiding You on the Path of Transformation"
We feel glad to inform you that
Great INDIAN a BODHI DHARMA ji has done a lot for martial arts. Art and our duty is to do something for them.
Harjeet Singh I have made a BODHI JEET MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION INDIA with the blessings of God in their name.
And I hope that you will definitely give me the support to run the BODHI JEET martial arts game all over the world.
Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts is originated for self-defense from human beings and wild animals to survive in harsh environment. It is an art which is also makes our mind and soul stronger. It was first developed by Mahatma Bodhi Dharma ji in India for self-defense against evil kings and their armies.
"From Darkness to Enlightenment: Navigating Life with Bodhi Dharma Ji"
What is Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts?
Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts is the collective term for the martial art practices which originated in India and developed in India, and Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts is the well-spring of all Asian martial practices. Over its long history, Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts has developed into numerous distinct styles and systems, each incorporating their own techniques, tactics, principles and methods, as well as the use of a wide variety of traditional weaponry. The differing styles that have emerged focus on many aspects of combat, but more importantly they have absorbed the popular philosophies and moral practices of the people in India over the past number of centuries in development. With that, Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts has developed into more than just a simple system of attack and defense and has become a way to cultivate the body, mind and spirit in a positive way that is beneficial to all that practice it.
Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts is that the most ancient of all martial arts and it’s attainable to trace its roots back quite 4000 years.

International Bodhi-Jeet Federation

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Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts as a modren Game.

Initially it has been developed for self defense. Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts has evolved into a facinating and rewarding sport. Since Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts ecompasses such a wide range of styles and systems. It offers some form of excersise suitable for nearly everyone. Younger people often enjoy a vigorous “Hand Styles” while elder prefer the gentle movements of “Soft Styles”.

Fight For Defense

In “fight for defence” form , it contains two players who prctice for attack and defense in proper discipline and rules. In this form of Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts winner got selected on the basis of performance and point system 

Animals Styles & Weapons Pattern

“Pattren” is a form of Bodhi-Jeet Martial Arts which contains attacking and defense style , addopted from different animals of how they attack their animies and defence for themselves without and arms. In this form the contestant wins the game on the basis of their balance, energy, stamina, and shouts on the proper combination and timing.

Budhi Dharma ji will be remembered all over
the world through Budhi Jeet martial arts.
Hail India.

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